Frequently Ask Questions

Yes. We offer a 90 days trial on our main package and some other individual services.


Our online ordering system allow customer to select takeout option but also we automatically connect you if needed with drivers from UBER , DOORDASH and LYFT so we can delivery your order on your behalf.

Before our 3 months trial finished we can evaluate your sales and we can approve free services if restaurant have our minimum requirements to become free for life.

In order to have fully functional our system you need:

  1. Tablet dedicated to our Online Ordering App
  2. Printer is optional but we recommend to buy it so your system will run more efficiently.

That's all is needed to run our system. 


We do create and manage the menu on your behalf.


Your ordering app support more than 12 language. 

We use one of the biggest merchant STRIPE so you do not have to worry about security and performance. 

Payouts are directly from STRIPE to restaurant bank accounts and are usually in a 2 Business Days period.

STRIPE charges 2.9% + $0,30 per transaction.

We charge our order FEE directly to the customer.

Our transaction FEE is a $2.5 for menu order and $5 for catering menu orders.

Let us help you grow!