166 – Restaurant Trends for 2023

In this episode, we discuss some of the key restaurant marketing trends that we believe will shape 2023 and may even help you boost restaurant profitability. From significant economic changes to smaller changes like food choices that may heal the soul to questions on whether deliveries will still be the same in this relatively post-Covid world? Join us in exploring the possibilities and learning the best restaurant trends in 2023 that can help grow your restaurant business.

A few big changes in the economy in 2023

Before we delve into some of the trends that may be popular this year, here are some changes that we have looked into with regard to the events of the previous year and of course, the pandemic.

1. Constantly rising Inflation
A big cause of concern around the world is inflation. We are now feeling the lasting effects of the measures the world has taken to combat the effects of the pandemic

2. Soaring Interest rates
The flip-side of the inflation issue are the interest rates and how they continue to rise, thus greatly impacting consumers worldwide.

3. Issues in labor or employment
From issues of borders closing to difficulties and challenges for some workers to search for jobs, various issues and challenges have presented themselves for labor and employment.

4. Less competition – A silver lining
One of the good things that came out of the issues brought on by a damaged economy due to covid is having less competition.

5. Issues in availability, supplies, and logistics
Another thing that has changed is supply lines or availability of resources. A Changes in the local logistics of suppliers have also impacted a lot of restaurants.

Restaurant Trends in 2023

1. A shift from vegetarianism to flexitarianism?
In the trends surrounding vegetarian meat, we believe there will be an increase in flex (flexitarian) and a decrease in fake meat.

People want the health benefits of eating vegetables while having the taste of meat.

2. Various delivery methods that may fit your restaurant business
The next thing that has had a big change is on the subject of delivery. A recent move that surprised the restaurant community is Deliveroo pulling out of Australia.

Given this, some restaurants are looking for alternatives that are complex, effective, and critically profitable options regarding delivery. Here are a few simple alternatives for delivery options that will help your restaurant grow:

a. Pick-up only
b. In-house delivery
c. A hybrid approach
d. Multiple delivery aggregators
e. Drone Delivery

3. Comfort Food
With inflation and various other challenges around the world—from inflation, fear of job security, war–all of these add up to have a fear effect and a general air of uneasiness to everyone.

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2022 was a tough year for a lot of Restaurants, and 2023 may be tougher, but there are a lot of opportunities, especially with changing consumer preferences and understanding key restaurant marketing trends in 2023.

Have a listen and see how this will affect your Restaurant.

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