168 – Restaurant Marketing Trends for 2023 Part III

We are back with the last part of the series on Restaurant Marketing Trends for 2023. In this final part, we discuss the remaining trends that we believe may influence a restaurant’s success this year.

10. Using Artificial Intelligence for design

The thought of using artificial intelligence may be foreign to most but hear us out. There are a multitude of uses for AI in a restaurant and it’s mostly on the marketing or idea side. One simple way to use it is generating simple artwork. It can be used to generate quick, simple graphics for small areas of your business. As of now, it can’t beat actual artists when it comes to specific and well-targeted art but it sure can handle the low-level artwork. And you will get to save on costs in that department too.
Another use for AI is to inspire or jumpstart potential ideas for designs. Much of the time spent in design work is essentially drawing a baseline for the artwork and going off from there. Using AI to do this will greatly lessen the time and effort spent in this task.

11. AI assisting in some ideas and guidance

Using AI could also inspire or try interesting ideas like recipes. ChatGPT is one of those AI tools you can use for restaurant marketing and you may try it out to come up with interesting dishes. It may not produce excellent ideas all the time, but you may use it as a starting point where it’s open to changes in the recipes.

12. Creating posts for social media presence

Making content for your pages or websites, generally in marketing. Having the AI create simple posts to generate activity, customer reactions, and general social media presence. Doing so would save you time and effort. But make sure to create your own posts from time to time and not overly rely on this for now. Maybe in the near future, AI could handle this aspect of your business alone or with less attention required.

13. Don’t be afraid to increase prices

With everything in the world in general increasing in price and also inflation, increasing your price may seem counterintuitive but it makes sense if you think about it. Take, for example, resources like electricity, gas, and raw materials like food ingredients—its prices go up or die in this current economic climate.
Customers would also understand the price increase since generally, people know about how the economic was badly hit by the pandemic and they also understand the basic law of supply and demand.
And that is it for now! We hope these restaurant marketing trends have given you some insight on the trends that you should be looking out for in 2023 for your restaurant profitability! To learn more on how you can grow your restaurant in 2023, listen to the full podcast or check out our other episodes for Secret Sauce.

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