5 Technology Innovations Your Restaurant Should Be Using

If you want an edge over the competition, embrace new technologies.

In the last several years, many restaurants have adopted new technology to meet the needs of their evolving customers. As restaurants turn to new tech, from online ordering to touchless payment and more, it’s time to take a look at what’s working and what you might consider adding.

It’s essential to your long-term success to embrace technology as you move through the next decade. In this article, we look at five technology innovations your restaurant should be using.

#1: Online Ordering Availability

Giving your customers the ability to order their food online is a technological imperative today. While online ordering was popular before Covid hit the scene, your customers are ordering online now more than ever.

Today’s consumers like on-demand food, and they want your restaurant to provide the technology for them to order online on your website or restaurant app. (tweet this)

Your current and future customers want to order from the convenience of their own homes for pickup or delivery.

When you add online ordering to your website, you are also benefitting. You don’t have to pay third-party apps a fee, and you can ensure your website visitors have a great user experience.

According to one report, less than 20 years ago, people only ordered pizza and Chinese for delivery or pickup. Today, food delivery has doubled in the United States and continues to grow.

For your restaurant, you want to invest in technology that enables website users to order their food online and either pick it up from you or have it delivered. As a result, you can build customer relationships and increase your bottom line at the same time.

#2: Payment Options Without Contact

Contactless payment is also here to stay, and it’s an excellent technology to add to your restaurant options.

Restaurant customers realized during the Covid-19 pandemic that they wanted less “contact” with things that might carry germs.

This led to restaurant technology enabling customers to pay online, on their smartphone or smartwatch, or through a touchless device.

Your customers appreciate the ability to stay “germ-free.” They also like the convenience of touch-to-pay options. In addition, they don’t have to worry about unhygienic cash.

Your overall restaurant efficiency improves with contactless payment options. Your customers can pay quickly and conveniently without pulling out their sanitizer wipes.

#3: Online Reservation System

Does anyone use their telephone for phone calls anymore? Well, the answer is that some do, but many don’t. For example, many Millennials will do anything to avoid talking on the telephone.

So, how do people make a reservation for a table at your restaurant? If reservations are only available through a phone call, it’s time to change up your technology.

If you take reservations, you want to add technology to your website so people can make online table reservations.

This allows your customers to choose their own time slots and make a reservation from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. When customers make online reservations, it also eliminates mistakes from happening.

You’ll find that this technology innovation also improves the overall customer experience by making dealing with your restaurant simple and immediate.

Embrace technology innovations to improve the overall customer experience.

#4: Staff Scheduling Software

Ask most restaurant managers and owners what the most frustrating, time-consuming part of their job is, and they will tell you it’s scheduling their staff.

Juggling days off, employees who aren’t always available, and shift changes can be a nightmare.

You can take some of the heavy load off with technology in the form of scheduling software.

This makes it easy for your team members to see when they’re working and lets them trade shifts on their own.

You’ll find that scheduling software makes employee scheduling and even payroll run much more efficiently.

#5: Handheld Point of Sale (POS) System

Creating a positive experience at your restaurant is vital if you’re looking to grow your business and increase repeat customer visits. (tweet this)

You can do this by enhancing the overall customer experience.

Adding handheld POS devices for your servers greatly improves the ordering and payment process.

Typically the server takes the order with pen and paper and returns to the computer to place the order. Then, at the end of the meal, the server delivers the ticket, comes back to pick up the ticket and the credit card/cash, goes back to process the card or get change, and then comes back to the table for a signature and to return the credit card.

With the technology innovation of the handled POS device, you can streamline the process.

For example, the server takes the order on the device, automatically sending it to the kitchen.

In addition, when it’s time for the check, the server brings the device to the table, and your customer can pay immediately. They don’t have to wait for the server to leave and return multiple times.

The end result is a less harried server who can provide better customer service. It’s also customers who now know you value their time. They leave happier because they don’t have to wait.

Bottom line, you can serve your customers quickly and more efficiently with this technology.

Final Thoughts

As you probably know, the restaurant industry has changed and evolved rapidly over the last few years. Covid altered the way many restaurants did business, and some of those changes have stuck.

The most significant evolution is the addition of technological innovations. Not only do these technologies help you run your restaurant more efficiently, they make the overall user experience for your customers better.

You can concentrate on creating delicious food, and your customers can easily experience your restaurant.

Your restaurant guests want immediate gratification. They want to eat your food on their terms, whether in your restaurant, for delivery, or for pickup.

It’s up to you to provide the software to meet their needs. You’ll find that the more innovative technologies you provide, the more revenue you’ll make. Furthermore, you increase customer loyalty and retention.

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