5 Ways to Use a Restaurant Testimonial

The restaurant testimonial is a powerful tool in your marketing strategy.

When it comes to customer reviews, you may know that they are vital to your restaurant’s success. And when you get them, you want to get a lot of mileage out of your reviews and testimonials. 

To help you leverage your reviews, let’s look at five ways to use a restaurant testimonial. First, let’s talk a little about why they’re essential so you are well-versed in their importance. 

The Power of Restaurant Reviews

Did you know customer reviews are so powerful that Google uses them as part of its ranking algorithms for websites? In fact, they consider the quantity and the quality of your reviews when deciding your search engine results page position.

You don’t want to underestimate the leverage that restaurant testimonials provide you in the digital universe. (tweet this) Indeed, they should be part of your marketing strategy, and according to one study, here are the reasons why:

People read at least 10 online reviews before they decide to visit a local business.
About 95% of people read online reviews.
More than 23% of people read a review in the last day, and 65% read one in the last week.
Over 90% of people ages 18 – 34 trust online reviews as much as they trust reviews from friends and family.

So, if you aren’t working diligently to gain customer reviews for your restaurant, the time is now. Add it to your overall marketing plan, and you’ll find that you get more diners into your restaurant, increasing your bottom line.

Now, let’s look at the ways you can use a restaurant testimonial.

#1: Use Reviews on Your Website

Create a dedicated page on your website and embed Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews right on this page. This way, people can go straight to this page to see your reviews. 

In addition, you can add specific reviews on other pages of your website. For example, if someone comments on a dish you serve, add their review to the menu item page. 

The goal here is to use reviews throughout your site to build trust and credibility.

#2: Add Reviews to Your Blog Posts

Often, people land on your blog from a search page. So, it makes sense to include reviews in your sidebar. 

This way, potential diners can learn more about your restaurant and see how much other people like your restaurant.

Don’t underestimate the power of positive reviews to grow your business.

#3: Create Social Media Posts Highlighting Your Reviews

One of the best ways you can use your restaurant testimonials is on your social media platforms. Use the reviews in posts, tweets, stories, and even reels.

Use whatever graphics program you use to create your social media posts, choose your best online reviews, and create a design for your post. 

You can also use Canva, a graphic design tool. If so, search for a review or quote graphic template, and all you have to do is enter the quote, the person’s name, where the testimonial came from (Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.), and your logo. 

Then, when you schedule your post, be sure to tag the reviewer if you can find their social media profile. Write some copy for your post thanking the reviewing, and you’re good to go.

As an extra note, if your customer has a photo with their review, you could also include this in your post to add some validity to the review. 

Another idea is to ask customers who are happy while in your restaurant if they’d let you video them for a few seconds. You can film them on your phone with their short review to share on social media.

#4: Include Reviews in All Your Marketing and PR Materials

All of your marketing materials, both digital and print, should include several restaurant testimonials. You worked hard to earn these reviews, so use them to help market your restaurant to new customers. 

Use your reviews in your sales pitch. For example, if you are creating a television ad, use a couple of reviews in the ad. This elevates your restaurant and encourages new patrons. 

From business cards to flyers, posters, restaurant menus, and email newsletters, they should all have reviews on them to draw in new customers and retain current ones. You could even print reviews in a graphically pleasing manner, frame them, and hang them on your restaurant walls.

#5: Respond to All Reviews

Finally, the last way you can use your reviews is to respond to them. You want to respond to every one of your reviews, both positive and negative. 

People looking at your reviews will see your response and understand that you care enough to respond. Thank the reviewers for the positive reviews and repeat a little of what they said to show you really read the review.

For the negative reviews, respond with empathy and try to solve the customer’s problem. Never get rude or angry. Remember, others are looking at the way you respond to your restaurant testimonials and making a judgment call. 

Final Thoughts on Restaurant Testimonials

By leveraging your restaurant testimonials, you are building customer trust by showing them you are a credible, legitimate restaurant that people like visiting. (tweet this)

According to one source, 94% of diners research a restaurant’s reviews online before deciding to eat there. So, it’s important to use your restaurant testimonials anywhere and everywhere you can. Leave no doubt in the minds of your digital visitors that your restaurant is worth it. 

When other people know that your restaurant is wonderful, they are more likely to visit it. So, get mileage out of your reviews and testimonials and use them on your website, blog, social media, restaurant menu, and in all of your marketing materials, both print and digital.

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