The Best Restaurants Have These 4 Social Media Accounts

The social media benefits for your restaurant are vital to your success.

You know your restaurant needs to leverage the tremendous power of social media, and you may utilize some platforms. You may also be trying to use multiple platforms.  

What’s more, you also know that social media marketing is vital in today’s digital world. It’s the way to build relationships and stay top of mind. With nearly five billion users, social media is crucial to your success. It’s one meaningful way to build customer loyalty while attracting new diners.

Have you ever wondered, though, which social media platforms are the best and where you should have your social media profiles? 

This article examines why the best restaurants have these four social media accounts and how you can harness their power for your business. 

#1: Facebook (Meta)

According to data, Facebook still reigns as the world’s most popular social media platform for businesses. The social media benefits of Facebook are far-reaching.  

When it comes to the best restaurants, they know that Facebook is right up there with Google My Business as a local directory. This is why it’s so essential that you have correct information about your hours, address, phone, contact info, description, price range, category, reviews, and photos. 

Your diners visit Facebook multiple times a day to look for information, and you want to ensure yours is correct.  

Your Facebook platform is nearly as good as a search engine for information, so it should continually be updated. Potential and even current diners are using Facebook on their phone to learn more about you and your menu. It’s a valid business page with good information for customers, and they can easily use it to contact you. 

In addition, Facebook is the perfect spot to build relationships, let customers know about menu items, events, and specials, and connect with your broader community. 

What’s more, if your target audience is over 30, they are most likely on Facebook. So you can harness its power with video, aesthetically pleasing images of your food, insider looks at your restaurant, and more.  

Take it a step further by providing your complete menu and ways for customers to order from you right on the platform. 

Another reason smart restaurants have a Facebook account is to use Facebook Messenger to connect with people. It’s an instant messaging app that helps you chat with customers and respond to questions and complaints. (tweet this)

Finally, the best restaurants relish the power of Facebook paid advertising. It increases reach and allows them to target the customers most likely to visit their restaurant using age, gender, location, and interests.

Remember, as you use Facebook, the audience skews a little over 30. So start a conversation with people. Engage them with videos. Focus on content that people want to see. Don’t forget to share specials and events here, as people also look for these things on Facebook.

#2: Instagram

The best restaurants have Instagram and use it daily for regular posts, stories, and reels. They know that Instagram has a high organic reach and engagement rate. They also know that Instagram is also vital for paid advertising, like Facebook.  

Instagram users are used to clicking on shoppable ads. You can use the platform to turn impulse shopping to your advantage. Instagram is very influential for shoppers. You can leverage its power for more online orders by fine-tuning your ads.  

What’s more, Instagram is very visual. It’s the perfect place to showcase your delectable menu items. The more beautiful photos of your menu you can share, the better. Don’t forget Instagram contests for your fans. Contests are a great way to create buzz and build loyalty.  

Due to the visual nature of Instagram, you want to take professional-quality photos. Your menu photos are your brand, so you want them to look nearly perfect. The last thing you want is a gray and grainy photo of your famous dish.  

So, proper lighting, a decent camera, and a semi-experienced photographer are necessary.  

You also want to keep true to your brand and use a consistent voice on Instagram.  

Make sure to use lots of videos and work on your reels, as they have the power to propel your brand forward.  

Finally, hashtags are key on Instagram. Do your research to ensure you use the right keywords to drive traffic to your page. 

When it comes to Instagram users, your demographic starts a bit younger than Facebook, so you can bring in some younger users, too. But, of course, you can still target the 30 and above crowd because they are there, too. 

Drive revenue by being active on social media platforms.

#3: YouTube

The average adult spends more than 45 minutes a day on YouTube. Most Americans use YouTube regularly, and it’s popular among all ages and all genders.  

So, you can see why the best restaurants have a page on YouTube.  

You have two options on YouTube: creating your own video content and running ads on other people’s content. Both are valuable places for you to concentrate your energy. 

You can create cooking videos and tutorials full of recipes and cooking tips. You can create videos of menu item launches and feature people trying your dish and their reactions. Another idea is interviews with your guests. You can feature conversations with your chef as he/she shares his favorite recipes or tips and tricks.  

The possibilities are endless. You can use short or lengthy videos. Both work well for restaurants.  

When it comes to advertising, this is the perfect platform for event ticket sales, coupons, and online ordering. 

YouTube is your chance to use video to capture your audience and bring people into your restaurant.  

Finally, don’t forget to share all your YouTube videos on your website – your blog is a great place to do this. 

#4: Pinterest

Social media benefits can also be found for your restaurant on Pinterest. Another visual platform, you can leverage its power through professional-looking imagery and photography.  

Use aesthetically pleasing content to increase your online orders and visits to your restaurant. 

On Pinterest, focus on sharing your dishes, recipes, and even blog articles about your restaurant. Use Pinterest boards to add value for your followers. Some board ideas include a menu board, a recipe board, a special events board, an inspirational quotes board, and a cooking tips board. (tweet this)

Recipes are a great way to do this, as well as cooking tips. Give your followers something of significance, and they’ll reward you with a visit to your restaurant. 

Tempt your followers so they’ll repin your posts. For example, try to take photos inside your restaurant of customers eating and enjoying your restaurant. You also want to use links to your website to increase your web traffic. 

Final Thoughts

Where are your social media profiles, and are you reaping the social media benefits

Creating a social media strategy and using different channels to put your restaurant in front of multiple audiences is essential.  

Facebook and Instagram are a definite must. YouTube is something to consider very hard as it will elevate your restaurant above the competition. Pinterest is a great compliment as it allows you to reach a broader audience with valuable content.  

Your target audience is looking for information about your restaurant on social media before ever deciding to dine with you. 

Finally, define your brand voice and stick to it across your platforms. The best restaurants know this is critical to social media success.

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